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It can be challenging, expensive and frustrating to try and acquire ‘new’ patients to your practice – especially the type of new patients who aren’t referred to you.

Most traditional marketing methods don’t work 90% of the time, and this includes common Online marketing methods as well. The problem is the extremely high cost of acquiring a new patient and the inconsistent results – you simply can’t rely on these methods to grow your practice at a steady pace.

For this reason, I’ve researched, tested and optimized a unique 2-step solution to acquiring new patients consistently – nearly 9+ years in the making. While testing different strategies, I’ve lost more money and time than I can keep track of! But, I’m proud to say that after all this trial and error, I know exactly how to acquire new patients quickly, consistently and most of all…inexpensively!

Best of all, I’ willing to show you how its done, and prove it to you with no strings attached and no-cost. Think of it as a ‘free trial’ to remove any doubt you might have…

I’m confident that once you get a taste of this strategy and the ‘instant’ results you’ll see, we’ll likely end up working together for a very long time 🙂

Obviously, I can only work with 1 Practice/Clinic per geographic area, as that’s the only way to make sure my strategy remains effective. Limiting competition and working exclusively with 1 Clinic per City is how I can practically guarantee your success, so please reach out to see if there’s availability in your area:

Types of Medical Practices: Aesthetic/Spas, Veterinary, Integrative, Dental, Chiropractic (for each specialty, I only work with 1 Clinic per city)

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P.S. I really do offer a ‘trial’ at no cost, so you can test my strategy and see immediate benefits. However, your Practice has to qualify, and I need to ask a few questions to make sure we’re the right fit. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Types of Medical Practices – Aesthetic/Spas, Veterinary, Integrative, Dental, Chiropractic (for each specialty, I only work with 1 Clinic per city)

Get More Reviews
My unique App & process will get you more Reviews published online – more than doubling your reviews in just a few weeks.
Rank Higher
Your Google ‘Business/Maps’ listing will rank higher in the search results for important phrases that clients search for.
Get Media Exposure
Improve your reputation, branding and authority by getting featured on prominent News sites (Fox, ABC, CNN etc).
Increase Patients
More reviews, higher search rankings and ongoing media exposure will land you more patients – consistently

Gain A Serious Competitive Edge

When you have more positive reviews published online than your competitors…

When your clinic/practice consistently gets featured on authority media sites, presenting you as the expert…

When you get more phone calls & emails from potential clients/patients…

How much of a serious advantage will you gain over your competition?

Experience an Incredibly High ROI

While most other advertising has failed to produce a return-on-investment (ROI) for you, I can guarantee that my unique methods will produce a positive and dramatic ROI for your practice within just a few months – or I’ll continue to do the work for free until it does!

The only ‘condition’ is that you provide good, positive experiences to your new patients – so your positive reviews far outweigh any negative ones.

Case Studies

This Client has consistently added 500+ email subscribers/inquiries per month, resulting in 2 new locations opening up in different towns. This Client started with 1 small location, and now has expanded to THREE locations – after about 4 years of working with us! The growth has been steady and consistent.
This Client signed with us late April, and since that time, they’ve generated an about 3-7 Calls per day from new customers looking for service. As a result, this Client has been completely booked at times, having to schedule customers out weeks in advance. The growth in this client’s revenue has been large and rapid, but this type of growth is ‘not typical’. Usually, I don’t advise businesses to grow rapidly unless they have the capacity to serve their new customers well.
In the above screenshot, you can see the direct engagement that this Client’s website has generated. Almost 790+ active engagements on their website (people calling, looking for directions, emailing and submitting forms)!
Here are the traffic stats of this Clinic’s website – about 1400+ visitors per month in a relatively small town in Wisconsin, resulting in very healthy revenues. This Clinic is now established as the market leader in their town for their business type.

Ready to Get 3.5x More Positive Reviews Online and Double Your New Patient Base?

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